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Gorilla naming ceremony Rwanda

Kwita Izina is an annual event that takes place in the month of September right outside Volcanoes National Park at a place called Kinigi. This festival attracts who is who in society. People from all the four corners of the world converge at this place for this important occasion.

what happens at Gorilla naming ceremony Rwanda

Right from renowned conservationists, celebrities, politicians’ investors, well-wishers big and small, Rwanda is the place to be in September. Behold, it was that time of the year in Rwanda where nature enthusiasts gather in Kinigi for a gorilla naming festival popularly known as Kwita Izina.

This happens every year where new born baby gorillas are given names. The given names are generated basing on the infants traits and characters. These infants are given names mainly for two reasons: Protection and identification. It is easy for trackers to notice that so and so is missing in a group.

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