After long discussions and consultations from the stakeholders, Uganda Wildlife Authority has taken the decision to reopen all its National Parks. The parks were closed after more cases of Corona Virus and the country was put in total lockdown. Primate tracking remains closed as the mountain Gorillas and Chimps can easily contract human diseases and Covid 19 is one of them. Bwindi impenetrable forest and Kibale National Parks remain closed since they’re home to Uganda’s endangered primates. We only hope that the situation stabilizes for all these activities to take place. The re-opening of the National Parks comes with specific guidelines for those who will visit the protected areas to match the guideline of the Ministry of Health og the Uganda government;
• Visitors will be subjected to mandatory temperature screening using non-contact infra-red thermometers at the different designated entry points of the protected areas.
• Compulsory hand washing/sanitization before you enter these national parks and all protected areas.
• Government guideline of vehicles carrying half capacity to ensure social distance shall apply to all the vehicles that enter the park. This also applies to the delivery vehicles.
• Large groups of more than 25 people shall not be allowed in the protected areas for the same activity as this undermines the social distance rule in the effort to stop the spread of the new corona virus.
• Events like weddings will not be allowed to take place in the meantime.
• Visitors must carry their own hand sanitizers and face masks as the park shall not be in position to provide to the high number of guests.
• Saloon cars will not be allowed to do game drives in the protected areas. Safari vehicles will make this more possible for anyone intending to visit protected areas.
Uganda Wildlife Authority had trained their staff on the best ways to stay safe from the possible infection from any sick patient and has provided appropriate wear to each of them.
Post Covid Safaris
The reopening of the protected areas means you have a chance to achieve your travel dreams even amidst the current state of the Corona virus outbreak. Its time to kick out the fear and follow the health guideline of the ministry of health and World Health Organization (WHO).
We have tailored safari packages that will get you to all your desired safari destinations of this beautiful country.
Safety of the Guests by Shoebill safaris
Below are some of the measures that we have put to ensure the safety of our guests from Corona Virus;
• Our safari vehicles are disinfected before they’re occupied by the guests to ensure ther’s no room for any possible infection.
• we provide water and soap to our guests for hand washing in case they touched any dirty surfaces that could have Corona Virus.
• Each of our safari vehicles has an alcohol-based hand sanitizer to help our guests clean their hands.
• Our cars are built in a way that ensures social distance with enough space between the occupants.
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