Corona VirusDue to the outbreak of Corona Virus pandemic all over the globe, Uganda Wildlife Authority relaxed on some of the conditions for Gorilla tracking and the reschedule policy for the Gorilla and chimp permits. UWA decided to stop all primate tourism and research to protect the Gorillas and chimpanzees from the infectious Covid 19.
Some of the relaxed policies include the following;
• Permits can be rescheduled for up to 2 years ahead at no extra charges
• Permits that were booked for any dates before July 1st 2020 will not be affected by the increase on the cost of permits in Uganda. Gorilla permit cost was raised from USD600 to USD700 that begins on 1st July 2020.
• Tour operators are allowed to reschedule up to two times to be able to catch up with the interruption that was brought by Covid 19.
some of the strict rules/guidelines to protect the primates from Covid 19
• All primate tourism and research was suspended in all protected areas until 6the pandemic is controlled.
• Trackers will be provided with Personal protective equipment(PPE) to avoid transmitting the virus to the precious Gorillas and chimps.
• Both Commercial and non-commercial motorcycle and bicycles are not allowed in the protected areas.
• Filming of prima was suspended till April 30th 2020
Cost of Gorilla permits after Covid 19
A gorilla permit is charged USD600 for nonresidents at the moment in Uganda though the cost was increased in effective July 1st 2020 in Uganda. Foreign residents can acquire Gorilla permits at USD500 which will soon be at USD600.
Rwanda Charges USD1500 for all their Gorilla permits for both residents and nonresidents. Their Gorillas live in the Virunga mountains in the north of Rwanda in Volcanoes National Park. Their high Charge for Gorilla permits was to set Rwanda as a high end Safari destination and conservation.
UWA – COVID19 Statement II