Oruzogo gorilla family is one of the gorilla groups in the Ruhija sector of Bwindi national park in the eastern side of this park. The family consists of 22 members and has seen rapid increase in number due to the frequent births. It is one of the most active groups with its playful imphants making the visit to their home more fun.
Tibirikwata is the dominant Silverback and the other leaders in Oruzogo group include Kaganga (giant), Bwoba (coward) and Busungu (short tempted). This is again one of the most interesting things about this group of Gorillas as they were named after their behavior, physical features and other circumstances encountered during habituation.
Some of the key individuals in this gorilla family include Tibirikwata the dominant silver back, Young Silverback Busungu (hot tampered), Mutesi (relaxed and calm), Kakobe (resembles a baboon with a long and protruded nose), Kashundwe(has a mole on her nose), Nyakiina due to a hole-like depression on her nose bridge and Birungi because (meaning she is pretty).
Infants in the group include Kanywani (friendly), Katoto (little one and the smallest) and Buchura (meaning last born/ youngest).
Other things to do in Ruhija
A visit to the Oruzogo gorilla family will not only reward you with a face to face encounter with the Gorillas but also the unique tree species, birds and beautiful butterflies. We offer trips to the Ruhija region to make this happen with our team of experienced guides at Shoebill safaris.
There’s no greater adventure than watching a mature silverback taking lead of the family, mothers are seen taking care of the young ones as the juveniles are seen playing so much jumping onto trees and back. We are ready to take you through this amazing encounter as we lead you to Bwindi forest the home to more than half of the world’s surviving mountain Gorillas.

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