Gorilla permit is a document issued to travelers to allow them go into the forest in search for the habituated Gorilla Families. Gorilla permits are issued by Uganda Wildlife Authority(UWA) and it’s the only government body authorized to issue them to travelers. These permits can be booked through Shoebill Safaris your trusted tour agency in Uganda or by directly contacting UWA reservations and have your gorilla permit booked according to your schedule. The permit becomes invalid immediately after the trekking and cannot be used by another person to track the gorillas in their natural habitat. Contact us here for your booking.
Gorilla Permit costs $600 per person for foreign Non-residents, $500 per person for foreign residents and Ugx250000 per person for East African citizens. These rates are the same during both peak season and low season. Shoebill safaris will take you through the necessary requirements to book your gorilla permit in time to avoid missing this wonderful experience on your safari in Uganda.
Gorilla tracking in Uganda can best be done in the months of December to February and June to September because these months are generally drier than the rest of the months compared to the rest of the months. This period is also known as the peak season and most travelers come to Uganda during this period. Gorilla tracking is quite easy I this season because the trails are clear and there are low chances of rain during this period.
Low season
The low season is normally between the months of march to May and September to November. Gorilla trekking in Bwindi Forest and Mgahinga Forest national is sometimes difficult due to the slippery trails that because of the too much rain during this period. Gorilla trekking still takes place because even after a rainy day, the sun comes out to clear the ground and trekking activities can resume without much interference.
Uganda offers the fairly cheap permits compared to other countries and has the best Gorilla tracking because of the big number of habituated gorilla groups. Uganda’s climate is unpredictable especially for gorilla trekking which takes place in the forested areas and it can rain anytime. Travelers must therefore be prepared with appropriate clothing. CONTACT SHOEBILL SAFARIS for al, your travel needs and we book your gorilla Tracking permit.