Nyakagezi Gorilla Family – Mgahinga NP

Nyakagezi gorilla family lives in Mgahinga Gorilla national park found in the south western part of Uganda. the family is composed of 10 members under the leadership of Mark the dominant male who took over from Bugingo and assisted by Mafia.
This family is composed of;
3 Silver backs
2 Black backs
2 Females
2 Juveniles and one Baby gorilla making a group of 10 gorillas.
Interestingly these gorillas live in harmony especially with the presence of 3 silver backs that you wouldn’t expect to live in harmony fighting for dominance to lead the group. the group was first habituated in 1991 and opened for tracking in 1994 to all the tourists.
This Gorilla group was at first unstable crossing to Rwanda and DR. Congo and it was hard to confirm that they are in mgahinga. However, this family has now settled fully in Mgahinga because of the abundance of food for them here and can be tracked with less worry that they could move to the neighboring countries of Rwanda and Congo. Mgahinga also Shelters Golden Monkeys that are also a special and rare specie of primates and can also be tracked at only USD50 per person.
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