Proved by many travelers, Uganda is the most favorable Gorilla tracking destination with the highest number of Gorillas families that can be tracked throughout the year. Being a land locked country, Uganda has become the home of East Africa’s most sensitive wildlife habitat especially Mountain Gorillas. Discover the incredibly diversified nature of this awesome tourist destination for all your Wildlife, game viewing, chimpanzee tracking and mountain gorillas and watch them face to face in bwindi impenetrable forest. Do not miss this memorable experience with shoebill safaris and achieve your travel dreams.
Where to trek Gorillas in Uganda
About 1000 mountain gorillas are still remaining on earth. Compared to other countries like Congo and Rwanda, Uganda is such a larger country to discover the nature of the Gorillas with 17 habituated gorilla families. It takes one day to travel to the gorilla destination in Bwindi impenetrable park from the Entebbe airport or Kampala Capital city with a break off in your journey there.
Two places are known in Uganda where gorillas may be seen, the first place is Mgahinga Gorilla park a splendid park and one of the few places in the world where the endangered mountain gorillas live. It is a component of Virunga chain of immense volcanoes that stretch up to the DR Congo and Rwanda and the second place is Bwindi Impenetrable National park is located in south western Uganda and is divided into four regions. Buhoma region in the North, Ruhija region in the east, Rushaga and Nkuringo in the south. Each region has habituated Gorillas families for gorilla tracking.
Gorilla Tracking Permits in Uganda.
One requires permission in order to watch mountain gorillas. This then means that you will have to obtain a gorilla permit to allow you see mountain gorillas in their different habitats Uganda. The permit card costs $600 for foreign none residents per permit, East African citizens of Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi and Tanzania pay Uganda Shillings 250,000 only (which is about $100). These Gorilla permit cards are electronically processed by Uganda Wildlife Authority at its head office in Kampala and it is this card that you will take to the authorities at Bwindi Impenetrable National park headquarters on the day of gorilla trekking for one hour and then return back. A gorilla permit includes a gorilla guide who will trek with you until you find the rare mountain gorillas, it also includes park entry fees for Bwindi Impenetrable national park as well spending one hour of photography and observing mountain gorillas.

Gorilla trekking Rules.
If you are planning to do gorilla trekking, there are rules and regulations set to guide you on your journey to make your journey more comfortable as we are going to discuss it below.
• The maximum number of 8 tourists will view a given group of habituated mountain gorillas in given day as this minimizes the risk of behavioral changes and exposure to diseases.
• Stay in the company of your group members.
• Don’t drop any garbage inside the forest park. Ensure that you carry all the trash you move with like the water bottles.
• Only people of 16 and above will be allowed to track the gorillas. And for the elderly and the frail there are porters to help them.
• keep you voices low to watch out for other forest wildlife and not to scare the gorillas constantly but it is okay to ask the guide questions.
• Follow the path of the ranger guides to find the gorillas and they will inform you when you approach the gorillas.
• Once you find the gorillas please Keep a distance of about 7 meters (21 feet away in all times from the creators. The further you are from them, the more relaxed they are and hence the best experience with them.
• Avoid eating or smoking near the gorillas as this may result into disease transmission.
• When the gorillas become aggressive endeavor to follow the ranger guides’ example like crouching down slowly, never look directly into the Gorillas eyes, stay still as you wait for them to pass that is do not risk to run away as this causes them to attack.
• Do not take photographs with a flash light on. Flash photography is not allowed in the park!
Parking list for gorilla trekking.
You will need to take the following with you as you go for gorilla trekking.
• Put on hiking shoes that will enable you hike up and down the jungle.
• Packed food and enough drinking water are required to avoid starvation.
• Cover your ears with ear plugs if you are not comfortable with forest sounds but I don’t think it is that scary because you will be in a group and you may also need to listen to instructions.
• Carry rain gear, sunscreen lotion, a hat (as the weather is unpredictable) and insect repellent.
• Cary a camera with you to keep the memories after you trip.
You can choose to be part of the exciting moment with Gorillas in the jungle their natural habitat tracking them on your vacation with us.

Parking list for a gorilla trip

Hiking boots
Gorilla tracking involves hiking through the thick forest vegetation and therefore hiking boots will help make your movement more comfortable.
Long sleeved Shirt/T-shirt and some long pair trousers
These help to protect your arms and legs from the itchy and wet vegetation as you track the mountain Gorillas.
Rain gear
This will help especially when the weather changes unexpectedly because the Gorillas live in a tropical rain forest where it can rain any time
Pair of Binoculars
These help you to have a close/clearer view especially the birds and other small forest creatures that may be far.
Camera and extra batteries
A memory of the trip can only be captured by your camera for pictures of the giant silver back and other gorillas as you watch them go about their lives in the forest.
Snacks and drinking water
Gorilla tracking takes 30minutes to 8 hours as you walk through the forest trails in search for a particular gorilla family. You will need enough water for drinking and snacks to avoid starving in the wild in case the journey takes longer than expected.
Hut and sun glasses
The hut protects your head from the hot sun while the sun glasses protect your eye from the same. Please make sure you carry them for your own safety.