Anti epidemic robots to fight Covid 19 in Rwanda

Due to the different challenges caused by the outbreak of the Covid 19 global pandemic, the UNDP in a bid to fight this global pandemic has collaborated with the Rwandan government to fight the spread of the corona virus. Alternative approaches to this cause have resulted into the use of anti-epidemic robots to fight. The UNDP accelerator lab partnered with the ICT ministry in Rwanda to buy and install 5 smart anti-epidemic robots at their two Covid 19 treatment centers and at their international airport at Kigali.
These smart anti-epidemic robots were acquired through ZoraBots Africa Ltd and given Rwanan names to reflect the represent the memories of what happened in 1994 with the genocide against the Titsi. The names like Ikizere(hope), Urumuri(light) and Ingabo(shield) represent a great hope for the Rwandan people.
Similar technology has been used in a few Asian countries to help educe on the fast spread of the virus. The mockups done as the technicians, nurses and doctors are being trained have shown great results for this technology. One of the greatest abilities is their capacity to screen between 50 to 150 people per minute. The number of the robots may not be enough to cover all the areas identified by the government and this calls for more partnerships and support to acquire more in the shortest time possible.
The Robots will be used to assist/support the nurses and doctors in designated Covid 19 treatment centers, borders and on most of the screening centers. This will reduce their exposure to the infection since they limit the interaction between patients and health practitioners.
Role of the Anti-epidemic robots
• The major purpose is to help detect all Covid 19 cases among the returning citizens.
• The robots also help to test the patients and to provide other Covid 19 related services at the treatment centers.
• They will be used to deliver food and medication to patients in their rooms and o capture data in some cases (Video and Audio).
How to prevent yourself from Covid 19
• Wash your hands as often as you can. Corona Virus is believed to spread through the touching of contaminated surfaces and our hands normally touch.
• Maintain a social distance with a space of about four meters.
• Avoid touching your face (Eyes, Mouth and Nose) because your hands could easily transfer the virus to your body.
• Wear your mask if you must be in public to avoid sneezing in the droplets of an infected person.
• Report any suspected Corona Virus persons in your community to the neared health facility.

Post Covid Safaris in Rwanda and Uganda
We hope that Rwanda will be a safe country soon with the introduction of this technology to fight this pandemic. Our cars are disinfected before our guests use them and we offer you water and soap to wash your hands. We also have hand sanitizers to use on your Journey.