Nyungwe National Park,Rwanda Canopy walk

Gazetted in 2004, Nyungwe National Park is located in the south western part of Rwanda on the boarder with Burundi. The Park is a montane tropical rain forest composed of bamboo, Swamps and grassland. Nyungwe forest houses over 1000 plant species., 13 primate species, 75 mammals, 310 birds, 38 reptiles and 32 amphibians. This biodiverse nature makes Nyungwe a perfect destination for your safari.
Things to do in Nyungwe forest national park
• Chimpanzee Tracking
Several chimpanzee groups have been habituated in the Nyungwe National Park. The park is a few hours away from Volcanoes national park and you may have to add your Gorilla Tracking safari to include chimpanzee tracking too. A group of eight people are allowed to visit a particular chimpanzee family and learn about their behavior in their natural homes. a chimpanzee tracking permit costs $90 per person in Rwanda.
• The Canopy walk in Nyungwe
Rwanda’s canopy walk in Nyungwe forest is the first in East Africa and the 3rd in Africa. The canopy is a suspended bridge 50 meters above the forest. You will have the most beautiful aerial view of Nyungwe National Park. Monkeys are seen down moving and playing giving you the most exciting moment for the day. The canopy walks costs $60 per person and only people with 6 years and above can participate in this activity.
• Hiking trails in Nyungwe
The Park has 13 trails that vary bin the length of time to walk either half day or full day. This nature walk requires some fitness and you will be allocated a trail that matches your fitness. You will meet several primates, butterflies and birds on your walk. Just let the guide know your interests to plan on which trail you can take.
• Birding in Nyungwe National park
Nyungwe National Park is another special place for birding with 310 birds recorded. Though he Park is heavily forested, your guide will help you identify several bird species. Most of the birds like staying on top of the trees and on top of the canopy.
• Gisakura Tea Estate (Rwanda Tea Farm Visits)
A visit to a large tea plantation in Rwanda is one great activity that doesn’t happen in a long time and you may take part in this during your visit to Rwanda. Tea plantation happens in many parts in Rwanda and Nyungwe forest is one of those places. This activity is ideal for a family tour to have a memorable time together as you see the beautiful terraces.
Nyungwe National Park is a perfect tour destination because of the biodiverse nature of the park. It rewards you with a stunning wildlife experience that may not be found elsewhere in Rwanda. You can add this to your Gorilla Tracking safari and make your trip more meaningful with us at shoebill safaris today.