Mama’s love Homestay

Welcome to mam’s homestay found in rural villages of Uganda in Rukungiri district along the way to Bwindi impenetrable National park the experience is worth enjoyable while in our homestays and interacting with local people and cultural experience in Uganda
Mam’s love homestay we Offer quality and affordability, our homestays have great value accommodation option for short or long term stays like volunteers in community around like hospitals, schools, churches, study tour, reasechers, industrial training among others
Our communities are hospitable and welcoming to all visitors and their a free to interact with you and give you more about their culture like preparing food locally, juice making and brewing beer, cultural dances and entertainment, fishing in river with local means, coffee experience, hot spring steaming, milking local cows, planting fruit trees in schools, wedding in our banana plantation, weaving and craft making, nature walks, storytelling, campfire and barbeque every evening among others
What you can around mama’s love home stay in your visit
Visiting mam’s love homestay will take you through a lot of cultural experience in the community and within the homestay compound physically while learning

mama’s love women Group association

The following are the activities you can participate and enjoy when you’re staying us at mam’s love home stay
1. Coffee Experience
Mama’s love homestay coffee experience tour at a local farm in Rukungiri district. Spend the whole day with small scale farmers near mama’s love. Through the coffee-making experience, you will learn how to dig, weed, and harvest organic coffee in a real farming environment. You will get involved and learn about the process from seedlings to the drink/cup. You will be able to take part in picking, pounding, roasting, grinding, and drinking coffee. The skills and knowledge needed by farmers will bring a new appreciation to your coffee drinking habits. Here you take nothing, but the coffee-making experience.
2. Local brewing of beer and making banana juice
On your visit to our mama’s love homestay, you may also choose to explore our local brew experience. Our local beer making process and tasting experience in the village will help you explore more about African drinks, lifestyles and celebrations.

Our community is the only one in the area that still makes local brew from green bananas in the whole region. Our local guides will show you how local beer is processed and will give you to have a taste (optional) of this historic beer locally known as ‘tonto’
3. Tree planting project ( shoe tree project)
Here you participate in our mama’s love homestay project of tree planting of fruits like mangoes, oranges, lemons among others around churches, schools, hospital and also in other communities around Rukungiri district and now we are looking forward on expanding our initiate of Go green in allover Uganda
Our goals of Go Green project is to promote nature and conserving of our environment for the generation. During this experience you will interact with the community and learn local way of excavating pits and planting of trees
Also our aim is to promote in nutrition young going children and also our us shades during dry season and sometimes when it’s their harvesting season teachers sell off this fruits to earn more income as an addition to their salaries hence improving their economic standards
Our project was also named as shoe green project while providing shoes to each pupil, filters to schools so that we can provide clean water to schools and also motivate this young children to protect trees

4. Weaving and craft making (craft walk and pottery )
This experience will take you through communities and meet some group of women groups and association who earn money from craft making and weaving after selling off their products to our local markets and our aim is also to expand their products international and support conservation through full utilization of resources
5. Milking experience
Here you will first visit the farms and see how this local cows are grazed and feeding on green pastures allover and later you will visit the kraals and milking shades to participate in the experience using physical hands
This experience is enjoyable and it’s worthy rewarding will milking and putting on milking clothes
6. Cultural dances and entertainment
In Uganda we have over 56 ethnic cultures with different culture norms and customs and 32 different languages but welcoming and hospitable to visitor just small country with divers culture
Through this experience we shall take you at least to almost all cultures dances which give you the true and the origin of each culture through traditional folk song
You will learn using of different culture and dancing equipment’s made locally with the communities like drums, fluet, and zeorphone among others
Our culture dances are named in different tribes like Banyore dance known as Ekitaguriro as same as Bakiga and sometimes Ekizoni in Bakiga
7. Fishing in Rivers
There are many sources of fishing in Uganda and around our local communities of Rukungiri. Through this experience of fishing will be escorted with some fish equipment made locally using local materials like baskets, hooks among others
Our guides will take you take your through the fishing experience and take safety of your life while fishing
We have different fish species like mad fish, lung fish among others that are commonly found in our rivers and later you will be taken to the cooking experience of fish
8. Hotspring visit (minera hotspring)
Our mama’s love homestay is near to different tourist and historical sites like Minera hotspring which providesa interesting and lifetime experience with difere virews and sceneries
On your visit you find many people around it and within steaming in hot water while stretching their bodies and believe that this hot water can heal their bodies and some diseases
9. Visit kisizi falls
Kisizi falls lies along Kyabamba River few kilometers from our homestay in Rukungiri and it can visited for one day tour enjoying different activities around the falls like ziplinging, community participation, visit hospital , storytelling about the original of falls and the past history of it

Getting to mama’s love home stay
It is located in western part of Uganda, in Rukungiri district, Buyanja Sub County which takes about 6-7 hours’ drive on tarmac Road from Kampala Uganda’s capital city
It’s just one day tour to Lake Bunyonyi, bwindi impenetrable forest national, Kitagata hot spring, Kisizi falls, Queen Elizabeth national park and Lake Mburo national park
We believe staying at our homestay can bring you closer not only to culture but also on wildlife and adventure activities
Our homestay can also provide as accommodation along the way to Bwindi impenetrable national park and simple of our culture experience while going for gorilla trekking or after gorilla trekking in Bwindi impenetrable national park or any of Uganda’s wildlife safari package can bring to stay on our homestay and have true definition of African culture
Support our local communities
As mama’s love home stay we go beyond to support our local like children to develop their talents through football, handball, volley and netball
Any kind support or donations to young children to develop their careers in different games is highly recommended to develop our young children while giving items like football, uniforms, shoes, guards, gloves, and cash sometimes to provide more support during their training to motivate them and encourage

Homestay and Volunteer Tours

About Homestay

This is a program designed to give you the true feel of Uganda culture experiences in rural areas of Uganda . You will have a chance to stay in our local homesteads and participate in the house chores in villages of Ugandan way. We have chosen these homes so that you enjoy this experience. The homes are clean, safe, facilities well catered for to ensure highest levels of hygiene. This experience enables you to have a feel of the Ugandan cultures, language and peoples. These unforgettable memories with the children dancing on the beautiful soils of Africa, cooking with the women at home, fetching water , listening to stories from the head of the family by the fire in the evening, singing those old rhymes in our native language in Uganda will never go blurry when you take this tour.

The spirit of togetherness in the new home with new parents and siblings brings happiness to know that one can stay far away from home and still enjoy all the privileges without a worry. You will have a care taker in addition to the family who is also your guide and is familiar with your new home.


Knitting and weaving using our local materials. Here one has the chance to weave baskets , mats and other decorative materials. pealing matooke and preparing local dishes, Milking cows with hands, making banana Juice, making coffee, Knitting sweaters ,hats, blouses, table clothes and not forgetting, embroidery works on small scale the Ugandan way.

On some days you will have a chance to visit the milking area to see where milk actually comes from ; not in the supermarket as we normally think. Visiting the local brewery to participate in the making of the banana beer to see how this works.

Traditional dances, games and sports. This is a very exciting venture as one learns the traditional dance and games with the children in the homestead. Children in Uganda live together as a family during the day as they share everything they have. They have one ball to play with as a village together.
You will also have a very good chance to go to a traditional wedding to experience the happiness of the people of the village when the bride comes out of the bedroom with some of the most beautiful fabrics and colors the face of the earth could offer.

Sightseeing, Cycling around the village, jungle trekking and visit to the nearby tourism centers. In environmental preservation, we have a tree and flower planting programs so as to beautify the landscape and keep the environment green. Awareness to avoid littering in the homestead where you live.
Participation in agribusiness by nurturing farming as an economic activity starting with the smallest unit of the nation; the family. Please be informed that there are chances to also volunteer in schools , hospitals,orphanages and so much more.

Who qualifies ?

  • Everyone is welcome.
  • Registration Procedure
  • Contact shoebill safaris.
  • Fill out the application form provided on our website or apply online.

Submit the following:

  • your application form
  • a copy or scan of your passport
  • up to date medical report
  • contact number in case of emergency and/or a next of kin’s contact.
  • Payment to confirm the trip

Rules and Regulations

  • The management of the Homestay reserves the rights to change the pricing structure of the listed activity rates prior to the booking confirmation. All prices quoted upon booking confirmation are final
  • Reservations are confirmed only after the receipt of Reservation Form & deposit of 40 % of the total price sent by interbank transfer terms. Then on arrival, the balance is cleared in cash terms
  • For cancellation / amendment on confirmed Reservations please refer to our webpage for terms and conditions on cancellation

The following are not allowed on the homestay premises :

  • Smoking (indoors), Excessive Alcohol Consumption
  • Lost Room Key is subject to a penalty of USD 10.00
  • Guests are advised to switch off all lights when leaving the room
  • Cleanliness of the homestay is to be observed at all times
  • Any illegal activities will be reported to the authorities and actions will be taken on the offenders.
  • Homestay guests are not allowed to bring visitors. If necessary, the visitors may only remain in the homestay’s living hall
  • This is to ensure the privacy of the other homestay guests & the safety of their personal belongings.
  • Homestay guests are only allowed to use the kitchen to cook light dishes, i.e. soups, instant noodles, steamed dishes.
  • The microwave provided in the kitchen is for the purpose of heating-up food & beverages.
  • Airport transfer, travel arrangements & other services are provided by Shoebill safaris