Hirwa Gorilla Family migrates from Rwanda to Mgahinga Uganda

Hirwa gorilla group is one of Rwanda’s 10 habituated Gorilla groups living in volcanos National Park one of the homes for the mountain Gorillas in the world. Hirwa family migrated to Mgahinga Gorilla National park in Uganda in September 2019 which increased the number of permits in Mgahinga from 8 permits per day to 16 permits per day. The revenue collected from these Gorillas is shared half way between Uganda and Rwanda. Mgahinga initially had one gorilla family called Nyakagezi that was being tracked alongside the Golden monkeys. Nyakagezi gorilla group was unstable at first shifting to Rwanda and returning to Mgahinga several times and was uncertain for those who wanted to track them but later settled in Uganda. It should be noted that Gorillas cannot be blocked from crossing the borders as this would interrupt their behavior after all there’s a high chance that they could return. Hirwa Gorilla family later returned to Rwanda and is now settled in their original home volcanoes national Park.
Why the Gorilla group shifted to Mgahinga
It is not very clear why Hirwa Gorilla group shifted to Mgahinga gorilla park from Volcanoes national park but gorillas have reasons for their migration and they include; hunt for abundant food.
Gorillas also move from a place where they feel threatened by anything even if its just another gorilla family in their neighborhood.
The shift could also be due to fights with in a particular group and a section of the family leaves with a lead silver/black back to start their new family. Generally, the park rangers could not clearly ascertain the cause for the migration of Hirwa Gorilla group to Uganda but we could say they most likely followed the abundance of vegetation in Mgahinga that could work as their food.