What to wear on a Gorilla Safari

December 30th, 2018

Your visit to Uganda and/or Rwanda, Gorilla Tracking should never miss. Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and the Volcanoes National park are the best places for this great activity of Gorilla Tracking. It quite tiresome because of the nature of the in which the Gorillas live(Forest) but manageable. Therefore, you will need to prepare for your journey and here are some of the requirements.

Gorilla Tracking Permit
To start with is the Gorilla Tracking permit issued to you by the Wild Life Authority. For anyone to be permitted to see mountain gorilla must have what we call Gorilla Tracking permit to be presented before going for briefing. Prior bookings are encouraged to avoid denial of the preferred time for your Gorilla Tracking. Contacting your travel agency helps in booking your ticket in advance to avoid any inconvenience of missing out on this great activity in the jungle.

Hiking boots
Light weight hiking boots are the most important item for the gorilla Tracking activity. Gorilla tracking in Bwindi Impenetrable National park and Volcanoes National Park involves hiking in search for the endangered mountain gorillas. Because of the nature of the forest plus the altitude and terrain. Hiking boots are must as you decide on what to pack for your Gorilla Tracking Adventure in Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Rwanda’s volcanoes National Park.

Long sleeved sweater/shirts
You are required to have long trousers plus a long sleeved sweater/shirts/blouse for your gorilla Tracking safari. Please ensure that you tack in your trousers in your hiking boots to avoid insects such as safari ants entering your trousers. Jeans and Kachi trousers are the most recommended.

A well Charged Camera with Extra Batteries
Carry a well charged camera and extra batteries as you go for this activity. You will need to take as many photographs in the one hour you will have with the Gorillas. Please make sure that you switch off your flash while taking gorilla photographs to avoid interrupting the Gorillas.

Hat and Sun Glasses
The hut helps to save you from the hot sun and d the sun glasses help you on the sun rays.
Pair of Binoculars
Bwindi Impenetrable National park is home to over 350 birds, chimpanzees, black and white colobus monkeys among other primates, elephants and buffalos. Your pair of binoculars will help you have a close view of all these species during your trek in search for the rare mountain gorillas.

Snacks and Water
Gorilla trekking can take from 30 minutes to five or more hours and that’s why a certain level of fitness is required. You are required to carry some snacks as supplements. Before departing from your lodge, you need to carry your packed lunch and lots of drinking water as you never know when you will return. Energy giving foods can be bought in Uganda or Rwanda so contact or ask your guide to take you to a nearby super market.

Rain Jackets
Consider including a rain jacket on your gorilla tracking packing list. Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is a tropical rain forest and as such, rain is received throughout the whole year. You will never tell when it is going to rain so you need a rain jacket in order to be protected from rain. Many clients prefer traveling in drier months of June, July, August and beginning of September and try to avoid rainy seasons of March, April and May but being a tropical rain forest, it can rain any time. When deciding on what to pack for gorilla tracking in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park or Volcanoes National Park, a rain jacket or Poncho is very important.

Garden Gloves
You are required gloves to protect your hands during your Gorilla Tracking in Bwindi forest National Park and Volcanoes National Park. Gloves help to protect you from germs and other items that may scratch your hands. Forests are sometimes slippery and somehow you need to hold onto something just in case such happens. If you happen to touch some itching plants, trees or even climbing trees, you may be hurt. Consider including Garden Gloves in your gorilla trekking packing list.

Local Currency
During your gorilla tracking holiday in Uganda and Rwanda you will need some local currency to enable you buy some of your personal things, your need currency to tip your porters, waiters, guides and many other things like crafts to take back home. Local currency is necessary to Packing List on your Mountain Gorilla Trekking Safari in both Uganda, Rwanda and in DR-Congo.

Insect repellant
We also recommend that you bring with you a good insect repellant to safe guard you from the biting mosquitoes and many other insects in the forest.
There may be other requirements for gorilla tracking in Uganda and Rwanda but the listed requirements are basic for your trip to the Jungle to meet at a close range with these human-like creatures in their natural habitat.

The requirements are for gorilla Tracking in Rwanda and Uganda are the same because the mountain Gorillas live in the jungle and the state of the jungle is more/less the same in the Volcanoes national Park and Bwindi impenetrable national park.

Gorilla Trekking in Uganda – Bwindi Forest NP

December 16th, 2018

Uganda Gorilla safaris
Proved by many travelers, Uganda is the most preferred tourist destination with a finest-looking scenery throughout the year. With over 500 Mountain Gorillas residing in Uganda, the pearl of Africa is a first stop for exceptional Gorilla Trekking tours attracting thousands of travelers from all over the world. Besides, Uganda offer travelers with remarkable Game Viewing safaris, cultural encounters, Mountain Hiking tours and Birding Safaris among other activities to make a complete Uganda safari package. Discover the incredibly diversified nature of this great tourist destination for Mountain Gorillas trekking and watch them face to face in their natural habitat. Don’t miss this wonderful memorable experience you will live to tell as a traveler.

Where to trek Gorillas in Uganda
There are over 1000 Mountain Gorillas still survive on earth. Compared to other countries like Congo and Rwanda, Uganda is such a larger country to discover and it takes about 9 hours of traveling to reach the gorilla destination in Bwindi impenetrable park from the Entebbe airport.
Uganda gorilla safaris
Two places are known in Uganda where gorillas may be seen, the first place is Mgahinga Gorilla park a splendid park and one of the few places in the world where the endangered mountain gorillas and the Golden monkeys live. It is a component of Virunga chain of immense volcanoes that stretch up to the DR Congo and Rwanda. The second place is Bwindi Impenetrable National park is located in south western Uganda and is divided into four regions. Buhoma region in the North, Ruhija region in the east, Rushaga and Nkuringo in the south. Each region has habituated Gorillas families for gorilla tracking.

What is the Cost of gorilla trekking in Uganda.
One requires permission in order to watch mountain gorillas. This then means that you will have to obtain a Gorilla Permit to allow you see mountain gorillas in their different habitats Uganda. The permit card costs $600 for foreign none residents per permit, Foreign residents with a valid working permit pay $500 and East African citizens of Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi and Tanzania pay Uganda Shillings 250,000 only (which is about $100). These Gorilla permit cards are electronically processed by Uganda Wildlife Authority at its head office in Kampala and it is this card that you will take to Bwindi Impenetrable National park headquarters on the day of gorilla trekking for one hour and then return back. A gorilla permit includes a gorilla guide who will trek with you until you find the rare mountain gorillas, it also includes park entry fees for Bwindi Impenetrable national park as well spending one hour of photography and observing mountain gorillas.

Gorilla trekking guidelines
If you are planning to do gorilla trekking, there are rules and regulations set to guide you on your journey to make your journey more comfortable as we are going to discuss it below.

1. The maximum number of 8 tourists will view a given group of habituated mountain gorillas in given day as this minimizes the risk of behavioral changes and exposure to diseases.
2. Stay in the company of your group members.
3. Don’t drop any garbage inside the forest park. Ensure that you carry all the trash you move with like the water bottles.
4. Only people of 16 and above will be allowed to track the gorillas. And for the elderly and the frail there are porters to help them.
5. keep you voices low to watch out for other forest wildlife and not to scare the gorillas constantly but it is okay to ask the guide questions.
6. Follow the path of the ranger guides to find the gorillas and they will inform you when you approach the gorillas.
7. Once you find the gorillas please Keep a distance of about 7 meters (21 feet away in all times from the creators. The further you are from them, the more relaxed they are and hence the best experience with them.
8. Avoid eating or smoking near the gorillas as this may result into disease transmission.
9. When the gorillas become aggressive endeavor to follow the ranger guides’ example like crouching down slowly, never look directly into the Gorillas eyes, stay still as you wait for them to pass that is do not risk to run away as this causes them to attack.
10. Do not take photographs with a flash light on. Flash photography is not allowed in the park!

Parking list for gorilla trekking.
You will need to take the following with you as you go for gorilla trekking.
• Put on hiking shoes that will enable you hike up and down the jungle.
• Packed food and enough drinking water are required to avoid starvation.
• Cover your ears with ear plugs if you are not comfortable with forest sounds but I don’t think it is that scary because you will be in a group and you may also need to listen to instructions.
• Carry rain gear, sunscreen lotion, a hat (as the weather is unpredictable) and insect repellent.
• Carry a camera with you to keep the memories after you trip.
• Carry an insect repellent as well as a sun scream.

In conclusion I urge you to be part of the happiest story tellers about the most memorable time in Uganda by taking part in Gorilla trekking and enjoy your vacation.