Top things to Do At Nyungwe Forest National Park, Rwanda

March 21st, 2020

Nyungwe is one of East Africa’s remaining ancient rain forests in the small country of a thousand hills. The forest covers about The park is home to a large number of Chimps in East Africa after Kibale national park in Uganda. the park is also home to a wide range of plants, birds and monkey species . Some of the top activities to do in this park include;
Chimpanzee tracking
Meeting the real cousins of human beings is one of the most captivating tour activities in Rwanda. A group of 8 people are allowed to track a group of habituated chimps in their natural habitat to learn more about them. Chimpanzee tracking in Nyungwe can be done after gorilla tracking in Volcanoes National park without traveling for long. Nyungwe is second to Kibale National Park in Uganda in the high number of chimpanzees.
Canopy walk
Rwanda’s canopy walk is undoubtedly one of the greatest tour attractions in East Africa. It is one of the only 3 canopy walks in Africa in Nyungwe forest. Canopy is a suspended walk way 50 meters high above the forest as you watch from the top of the trees. You can have this 2 hour adventure on a 200 meter long walk way above the trees added to your trip.
Nature Walks
Nyungwe has a number of about 13 forest trails that reward you with an opportunity to see great wildlife of the monkeys, birds, butterflies and many plant species as you hike through the forest. Hikes of 2-8 hours are available and can be organized basing on your level of fitness.
Birding in Nyungwe forest
Nyungwe forest boasts in about 300 bird species and 27 of them are endemic to the Albertine rift. You will set your eyes on bird species like the Rwenzori turaco and great blue turaco.
Nyungwe forest is not far from Volcanoes and you can join your gorilla tracking trip with a visit to this park to have an encounter with the Chimps and the adventurous Canopy walk.

New baby born in Mubare Gorilla family- Bwindi

November 9th, 2019

Mubare Gorilla family Bwindi
New Gorilla born in bwindi
It was great Joy too welcome the second baby gorilla born by mother Kirungi into the Mubare family yesterday 7th November 2019 three weeks after another baby gorillas was born by Musinza (one of the female gorillas in this group)on 16th October 2019. The sex of Kirungi’s the baby gorillas is yet to be established but for now both mother and the baby Gorilla are in good health.
Mubare Gorilla family is the oldest Gorilla family in Bwindi that had about 18 members under the leadership of Ruhondeeza the dominant silver back before he was dethroned and the group was taken over by another dominant silver back. Mubare group was attacked by a wild unhabituated gorilla family and took away some of its members leaving only five members.
Ruhondeza was frustrated after taking some of his members and serious fights with another black back and left to live in the nearby forest still in Bwindi. He (Ruhondeza) later died in 2013 and was given a decent burial near the park headquarters. You can ask to see where he was buried on your visit to Bwindi after your Gorilla tracking activity.
Mubare gorilla family has a total number of 9 members and has been blessed with two more baby gorillas in just one month! The family is found in the Buhoma area and is available for tracking. The sex of the two baby Gorillas is yet to be established by UWA researchers. Our team at shoebill is ready to keep you updated on such information keep following us on our Social Media and our website: and