Expectant Mothers Can actually Track Gorillas

Gorilla trekking is undoubtedly the most thrilling wild life experience in Africa giving you a very close encounter with the forest giant and the closest relatives of human beings. This great adventure can be done in bwindi impenetrable forest of Uganda and the Virunga mountains that includes the Volcanoes national park in Rwanda, Mgahinga Gorilla National park in Uganda and Virunga national Park in the DR. Congo.
Gorilla Tracking is a rather tiresome activity that needs some level of fitness as it involves hiking through the steep hills following the gorilla family being tracked and for many hours. This may seem like very difficult for expectant mothers as they may not have the energy to trek for many hours to find a gorilla family in the forest. However, this is not true that pregnant women are unable to visit Gorillas because there are special arrangements for such kind of people and the elderly.
During briefing in the morning as visitors are allocated gorilla families to track, special consideration is given to the expectant mothers, age and physical abilities of the visitors. Mountain Gorillas live high in the forest but some gorilla families are sometimes a little closer to the park headquarters that others and these are good to track by the expectant mothers.
Seat stretchers are available (at an extra Cost) for those who are un able to move and can be carried to the location where the gorilla family will be for an experience with them. Porters are also available at the park to help you carry your luggage like the water and snacks and shoes and clothes in your bag for about $10.
You will need to inform your travel agent (Shoebill Safaris ltd) to help you make adequate preparations during the booking period.
Bright colors are not good as you go into the jungle but neutral colors like brown and green are good especially as you track the Gorillas. The brighter colors can be put on at the time for dinner or community walks. Some of the things to carry and what to wear are shared in this little article below,

Long sleeved tops or Shirts

To help with protection from the insect and itchy vegetation.

Long trousers

Jeans are mostly recommended for safety and protection from the harsh vegetation.
Short trousers
These are mostly won at the lodge and during day time when is the sun is much not for Gorilla tracking.
Under wear
It’s advisable to carry enough underwear depending on how long your trip will be just to keep your hygiene perfect.

Rain Jacket

rain is unpredictable since Gorillas live in the rain forests and it could rain anytime, the Rain jacket will save you in that time when there’s a heavy down pour.

Light sweater

Weather may be cold in the morning and evening hours in the Jungle and your light sweater will help.

Woolen Stockings

These should be of cotton type or wool to help hold your trousers and offer protection to the feet.


This is used to protect you head and neck from direct sun light during Gorilla tracking.

What to pack for a Gorilla Trekking Safari?

Some of the Items to pack for Gorilla Tracking tour in Africa include the following;

Citronella soap

, it acts as soap and an insect repellent.
Insect repellent, it is important to protect your skin from dangerous insects especially mosquitoes that could cause you Malaria. Find a repellant that can be applied on with clothes.

Hand Wipes

, these are helpful in moments where you can’t access water since you will be on a journey.

Sun glasses

, these help to cover your eyes from the direct sun.


, these can be packed depending on your sexes as tourists.

Swimming suits

These will work for clients who might be interested in swimming in our beautiful lakes and those staying in upmarket lodges and hotels with swimming pools.


. Endeavor to carry a camera for great memories taking picks for your safari highlights.

Extra Batteries

, Carry a complete set of rechargeable batteries and their charger.


, A pair of binoculars will help you with a closer view of birds and other animals that may be far off.

Flash Light

. To help you take photos even in the dark like during night game drives.