African national parks close to protect gorillas and chimpanzees from coronavirus

All gorilla tracking destinations in Africa have responded to the spread of the Corona pandemic by closing their National Parks especially those harboring the Chimps and mountain Gorillas. Rwanda, Uganda and DRC have responded by suspending all primate tourism and research activities in all protected areas for Gorillas and chimpanzees.
It is clear that human diseases are a great threat to these endangered apes, the Corvid-19 pandemic has however not been proven in relation to the gorillas and chimps. The temporary closure of the national parks that harbor the gorillas and chimps is to protect them from potential transmission of this deadly Corona virus that has been spreading at a high speed.
DRC closed its Virunga National park until 1st June 2020, Rwanda closed volcanoes, Gishwati Mukula and Nyungwe have been closed. Uganda also suspended all primate tourism and research in Bwindi, Mgahinga, Kibale and Chimpanzee tracking at the Kyambura Gorge in Queen Elizabeth National parks until 30th April, 2020. It’s not surprising because even if the parks were to remain open, there would be no visitors since there’s restriction of movement in all the countries.
The major purpose however remains avoiding human interaction with gorillas which could lead to transmission of Covid-19 virus to the protected animals.
Cost of Gorilla permits
Gorilla permits cost 1500USD per person in Rwanda, 600USD per person in Uganda and 400USD per person in the DRC. These permits can be acquired through Shoebill safaris by just getting into our inbox by Mail.