Uganda lost one of the gorillas in the southern sector of Bwindi impenetrable forest National Park. The male Gorilla Rafiki was the lead silverback of the famous Nkuringo Gorilla group. On 1st June, 2020, Rafiki was reported missing and his body was found the following day in hakato area inside the park
Four poachers have been arrested by UWA in connection with the death of this Gorilla. The arrest was done after an investigation by UWA staff revealed that the Gorilla had sustained a deep injury in the upper left of the abdomen to the internal organs. The injury was discovered after a postmortem was carried out on the silverback.
The arrested suspect was Byamukama Felix a resident of Murole Village, kisoro district after he was found with several hunting tools like the spear, dog hunting bell, rope snares, wire snares and bush meat at his home on 4th June 16, 2020.
Byamukama confessed to killing the Silverback in self-defense while hunting in the protected area with a colleague Bampabenda Evarist. The duo came into contact with the Gorilla group forcing the Silverback to charge at them and he speared it. He also revealed that he shared the bush meat with Museveni valence and Mubangizi Yonasi whom he says are fellow poachers. Uganda Wildlife Authority management team worked with the Local leader of Murole Mr. Pascal to arrest all the suspects as soon as possible. The four suspects tar art Kisoro police station awaiting trial in courts of law.
About Nkuringo Gorilla Family.
Nkuringo is a historical gorilla group being the forest to be habituated in 1997. The family consists of 12 individuals with two Silverbacks, and one black back. Unfortunately, one of the Silverbacks (Rafiki) was brutally murdered by poachers in June 2020 and the poachers were arrested. Poachers pose a great threat to the Gorillas especially the silverbacks as they try to guard their families against any intruders.
Nkuringo is one of the three Gorilla groups in the southern section of Bwindi Park and permits are available for those interested in tracking this historical family.
About Bwindi Impenetrable forest National Park
Bwindi National park is Uganda’s home to the endangered mountain Gorillas in the hills of Kigezi in the southwestern parts of Uganda. It is no doubt that Uganda is home to over 500 mountain Gorillas which is more than half of the world total population of mountain Gorillas. Uganda currently has a total of 20 habituated Gorilla families in Bwindi and Mgahinga Gorilla National Parks. Among the activities to do in this park is; nature walks in the forest trails, Birding tours, cultural encounters and of course Gorilla tracking the most thrilling Safari activity.
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