Best Time to Visit Bwindi for Gorillas

Uganda gorilla safaris
The best time to visit bwindi is the period of June to August and December to February. This period is also known as the Peak Season with less rain compared to other months and the forest trails are clear and not slippery. This period is also known a very high competition for Gorilla tracking permits because many visitors come during this period. Bwindi Forest National Park is the best gorilla tracking destination with the highest number of habituated Gorilla families totaling to 20. The peak season is much drier making gorilla tracking in the forest much easier. On the contrary, March to April and September to November are usually very wet month, although they make the best bird watching time.
The Peak Season (December to February and June to August)
The days in the peak season are sunny and gorilla tracking wild life viewing is at its greatest. There’s a large number of visitors coming through to Uganda and you will notice this as you go about the different tour activities all over the country. This is the best time to track gorillas in Bwindi with clear trails in the forest and less chances of rain throught the day. Carry enough water to re-hydrate yourself because when shines much you may need a sip of water. Chances of getting malaria are much lower during the drier months because there are less mosquitoes. Make sure you carry warm clothing if you plan to travel to Uganda because it sometimes gets very cold, especially at night.
The Low Seasons (March to May and September to November)
The Low season is always mist and wet and can sometimes drizzle for days. For Bird watchers this is your season because there are migratory birds in the park during this period. Gorillas can also be tracked though the access roads may be hard to travel and the trails are slippery and the vegetation is so wet making the tracking quite difficult. Waterproof and warm clothing may be helpful as you plan your journey please carry it along. Some camps and lodges may be closed especially between March and May.
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