November 28th, 2019


An African safari would best be enjoyed by hiring local guide to take you through the magical adventure of the pearl of Africa driving through the country side of this landlocked country.
Quick Planning;
Planning you trip with a local tour guide is the safest way for any traveler because of the unmatched expertise in the time taken to reach different destinations and the wider Knowledge of the country. Your only role as a traveler is to sit and relax after describing to the local guide the kind of trip you would like to have. The guide will easily craft an itinerary for you mainly basing on your budget and choice of tour activities.

Save Time & Money
A local guide knows every corner of the country and can easily make suggestions about the best route to take, most affordable accommodation so you don’t have to worry wasting time wondering around trying to see which hotels/lodges to book. In addition to this, your guide is your time keeper and will always remind you on what next and will make sure that you’re in the different destinations in time. You do not have to worry much on which activity is next because your local guide is at your service to always remind you even when you know.

Firsthand Information;
Internet has made information more accessible to everyone from their living rooms and you could have read about several destinations but a local guide has lived in these areas and has the most accurate information that you may need to know. The deep knowledge of the local about culture, people, wildlife, landscapes and water bodies will leave you amazed at the deep details that could have been left out on internet.

Poor roads;
Like any developing country, Uganda has poor roads that are almost impassable especially in the country side where most tour attractions are found. This would be an experience on its own especially as you drive yourself there but when you’re stuck in the middle of a forest it’s such an ugly scene for your trip. With a local guide you will not have to worry about all this as they are used to these muddy roads especially in the rainy season.

Another big reason for the need of a local safari guide is the comfort that comes with the sense of leaving all the steering for these long distances. You will need to rest from the long hours of your flight for you to be able to catch up with your different tour activities with no fatigue. Just sit back and relax and let your personal driver take you to where you want to go giving you an opportunity to chat, work, enjoy the scenery or simply take a nap.

Your guide is your personal body guard on safari, there’s no peace you can find like being in hands of someone who understands the places you’re visiting. You do not have to worry about being cheated, or your property being taken thieves. You have someone to worry about that just like you would do.
There are more reasons for a local guide for an African safari especially in Uganda and you can always contact us for more details and for all your bookings with Shoebill Safaris in Uganda.
Conclusion: Our guides at shoebill safaris are very professional and are ready to make your trip more fun and fulfilling to suit all your travel needs and expectations.

New baby born in Mubare Gorilla family- Bwindi

November 9th, 2019

Mubare Gorilla family Bwindi
New Gorilla born in bwindi
It was great Joy too welcome the second baby gorilla born by mother Kirungi into the Mubare family yesterday 7th November 2019 three weeks after another baby gorillas was born by Musinza (one of the female gorillas in this group)on 16th October 2019. The sex of Kirungi’s the baby gorillas is yet to be established but for now both mother and the baby Gorilla are in good health.
Mubare Gorilla family is the oldest Gorilla family in Bwindi that had about 18 members under the leadership of Ruhondeeza the dominant silver back before he was dethroned and the group was taken over by another dominant silver back. Mubare group was attacked by a wild unhabituated gorilla family and took away some of its members leaving only five members.
Ruhondeza was frustrated after taking some of his members and serious fights with another black back and left to live in the nearby forest still in Bwindi. He (Ruhondeza) later died in 2013 and was given a decent burial near the park headquarters. You can ask to see where he was buried on your visit to Bwindi after your Gorilla tracking activity.
Mubare gorilla family has a total number of 9 members and has been blessed with two more baby gorillas in just one month! The family is found in the Buhoma area and is available for tracking. The sex of the two baby Gorillas is yet to be established by UWA researchers. Our team at shoebill is ready to keep you updated on such information keep following us on our Social Media and our website: www.shoebillsafaris.com and www.shoebill-uganda.com