Corona Virus
What is Covid 19?
This is a highly infectious disease caused by the latest Corona Virus through person to person contact. This new virus was unheard of until it was discovered in Wuhan China in December 2019. It was first detected in China on 31st Dec 2020 and quickly spread to the whole world in just a few months including Africa. Th quick spread of the disease can only be contained by taking all the necessary precautions as stated by the World Health Organization.
The virus had not been seen in humans before until it was discovered in Wuhan the capital of Hubei province in China. The epidemic was first linked to the seafood city market that in the south of China that has foods like seafood, poultry, bats marmots and several wild animals which would reflect possible animal origin of this Virus. Covid 19 was later discovered in other humans especially those who had made contacts with people in Wuhan. Researchers are now in the process of finding the source of this Flu-like epidemic that has since claimed lives of thousands of lives.
What are the precautions for those traveling?
Its not advisable to travel to any destination in this period after all most borders are closed and other countries and in total lock down and movements are prohibited. We must however emphasize the following recommendations if you must travel to a new destination;
• Test your body temperature at least twice a day to ensure its stable.
• Wear your mask in public to avoid contracting/spreading the virus from/to the other people.
• Monitor symptoms daily (Cough, difficulty in breathing)
• Avoid contact with sick people
What if the Virus can’t be contained what will be the way forward?
Can a blood test detect the presence of Corona Virus?
Corona virus can only be tested on respiratory secretions and this is the only available means to detect the virus. A blood test is not one of the means to detect Covid 19 at the moment. A laboratory test is done on people that show symptoms of the virus. The result of the test is sent to the health inspectorate who requested for the test through a secure channel who later communicates to the patient. The result can also be shard with the patient’s physician on request by the patient.
How is Corona Virus spread?
Only people with the virus can transmit the virus to other people through person to person contact. It is spread through sneezing respiratory droplets expelled from the nose or mouth of an infected person. These droplets can stay for hours on objects and surfaces touched by and or around the infected person. This is why it is important to keep washing your hands as often as you can and war your mask before you get in contact with people you’ve been in contact with.
Does the Virus pose a threat to pregnant Women?

The virus has not been associated to any risk of premature birth or any fetal anomalies to expectant mothers. Pregnant women can maintain the current measures to avoid contracting the virus without any extra special attention for pregnancy. The current circumstances of the new corona virus have not shown a particular threat to pregnancy.
Is there a vaccine against Covid 19?
There’s no vaccine for the new corona Virus at the moment. So many countries and scientists are doing the necessary research.
Is there hope for recovery if I contract the corona virus?
So many have recovered for this highly infectious disease, those who contract the disease are put on special treatment to deal with the symptoms and most of them have responded positively and ultimately recovered from Covid 19. Uganda is a great example where over 73 patients have recovered from Covid 19 and all the infected people are responding positively to the treatment and no death registered yet.
What Medicine is being given to the Covid 19 patients to treat the virus?
There is no specific treatment for Covid 19 at the moment, the treatment is only mainly symptomatic for a common cold, cough, high temperature or respiratory problems. Research for the treatment is still going on. Rumor has it that Ibuprofen could cure Covid 19n but this has no Scientific evidence.