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The Home Of Uganda Safari

Shoebill Safaris welcomes you to Uganda the premier of Mountain Gorilla Safaris in the world. We are a tour Operator based in Uganda-East Africa specializing in the provision of a vast number of tour packages and tour destinations through out the country and beyond the boundaries.

Shoebill Safaris got its name from a large bird called the Shoebill. With a minimum experience of 11 years in the field of Uganda Safaris and a team of screened experienced guides, you won’t regret the first-class services that the company provides as well as the tailor made safaris based on your time We offer pre-organized safari packages that vary in the length and can be tailored to fulfil all your needs. Our safari packages feature the best thrilling adventures to the very best destinations in Uganda. Our safari offers include gorilla trekking tours, wildlife safaris and sight-seeing tours to renowned Uganda parks, mountain-trekking, cultural tours etc. All our trips are fully inclusive and are selected with care. On safaris that require overnights stays, we book you in the best hotels and safari lodges or campsites offering high-quality services.
For tailormade safaris in Uganda, we can assist you in customizing your private guided tour let it be a gorilla trekking safari or any adventure trip! So why not experience a private tour of Uganda with us. Start planning your Uganda safari now while being guided by our specialist who will make your trip more enjoyable and trouble free.


Shoebill Safaris also provides services in securing first-class luxurious and affordable accommodation on your arrival into the country in various categories. The categories include Hotels, Game Lodges, Guest houses, Camping sites with tents and much more. Shoebill selects hotels, guest houses, camping sites, lodges based on their location to the best wildlife viewing sites, friendliness of the staff, traveller’s needs, food quality and cleanliness…..


You will travel with an experienced guide who will give you in-depth information on the ecosystemand see to all your daily transportation needs. With a seasoned professional, his/her combined responsibilities include tour guide, game tracker, problem solver and personal driver.

Please check out our new scheduled itineraries. By clicking on the link below, you can choose to join a group tour or may make an itinerary of your choice. You can also book each trip on a private/individual basis.

Our team in Kampala and Munich will help you to have the safari experience you are looking for and an unforgetable holiday!
Start your ugandan experience, with Shoebill Safaris. we are represented on Safaribooking